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Dear visitor,

this tumblr log is discontinued since I’ve moved to my own domain.

Please visit my new CRM+ blog at http://www.michaelpucher.net

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Text post Michael Pucher - Senior Consultant CRM - VCard

Michael Pucher ist ein ausgewiesener Experte für Vertrieb, Marktmanagement und CRM für Versicherungen und Finanzdienstleister bei AAA Auctor Actor Advisor GmbH mit Sitz in Köln und München.

Sie finden meine Kontaktdaten in einer VCard zum Download unter folgender URL:


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Created: Sat 27 Aug

Text post Decentralized location based services

I’m sure you read about the dispora* project and the buzz it created. Backing on kickstarter is around 1800% as of May, 21st. diaspora* came along the right time the right place. It isn’t sure whether they will meet the high expectations or if they ever gain mainstream but lot’s of users are willing to take back control of what they share online. People are worried and do care about privacy and publicness.

Location based services like foursquare, gowalla and a lot of clones are considered (or have been at least) the next big thing in social networks. But those services have the same drawbacks like current mainstream social networks. They are operated centralized and users aren’t in control of their data. And all of those services build their own proprietary places databases.

I’ve been a user of foursquare and other services in Germany from the early days. Though user adoption isn’t that high in Germany yet, the biggest advantage of using LBS services is still connecting/meeting people. Meet colleagues or friends at the airport (business approach) or somewhere in town (private approach) is surely a plus. But we don’t need centralized authorities to do that. We don’t need a “man in the middle” who spies on us and sells our profile data to advertisers. We can connect on our own. As Eben Moglen said: “we should keep the logs” (NYU Speech “Freedom in the cloud” on youtube).

It’s time to create a decentralized lbs connection system for which I’m going to lay out a first conceptual draft now. Feel free to comment/get involved.

Places database

We need a central, royalty free places database. There has been discussion about a commercially created “Open Places Database” on TechChrunch but it seems nothing happened until then. Another yet better option is OpenStreetMap, an wikipedian style map of the world. The third option would be to use Google Maps and/or Google Places.

Private check in repository

Why check in using a service that keeps a repository of our data that we don’t own/control? I don’t want that. We will create repositories and check in services that store our records and we control what we share. The repository could be part of a diaspora* seed, a wordpress plugin or run on a google app engine account. The possibilities are endless. As I’ll describe in the discovery and connect section, that tools could be used freely by everyone (including businesses without anyone seeing what the employees are doing. No man in the middle or public visibility).

Checkin Clients

Clients to check in could be web based services, smartphone clients, html5 based web apps or could even be built using twitter or other scenarios.

I’ve created a mock up of a possible android client:

Checkin View

Sharing View

As you can see, the user is in full control of what is shared and who is able to view the data. Only friended seeds/users of your blogging community who are tagged “family” or “network” would be able to see your check in.

The system uses tags to grant access rights to your check in records. The tagging should be part of the underlying infrastructure such as diaspora*. Client check in data would be transmitted using Json or XML and would contain access tags.


There could also be your own tags to create special interest groups. And there could be a “public” group where posts would be visible without being friended.

**Sharing, discovering and connect **

By using tags to classify check ins it would be possible to create individual views on your check in data.


Private stuff: You could always tag your check ins with “family” so they would always know where you are.

Work: Employees of a company could check in their work locations so their boss has a view where e.g. his sales force or service technicians are at the moment. But the boss wouldn’t see private stuff (like he would do with services like foursquare right now)

Network: going to a fair? Great. Tell your network that you’ll be there. At an airport? Tell your network and let’s see who else is there.

[Update 2010-05-29]

Emergency: someone I follow on twitter wrote that he is in search of a friend who has been brought to a hospital but he doesn’t know which one. The system described above could be used as an emergency information system as well. Imagine an “emergency” group with only your closest relatives, girl-/boyfriend and maybe your boss. In case of an accident, the hospital could send a broadcast to all nodes/seeds with encrypted name, birthday and other available information plus the hospital location and the node in charge could take the information and send a notice only visible to members of the “emergency” group.


I hope that more information becomes available on the diaspora* project to get started soon.

It can be done. We don’t need the man in the middle to connect. Let’s keep the logs and start to connect!

Feel free to comment.

Created: Sat 22 May

Text post How to remove facebook “like” from your browsing experience

The facebook like buttons spread like cancer all over the web. To protect your privacy (like buttons help facebook to know your browser history, info, more (german)), I’ve collected some tips on how to remove those buttons from your browsing experience using AdBlock, Proxies and other little helpers:

AdBlock for firefox

Add the following filter to your custom filters:

"|http://www.facebook.com/plugins/like.php?*" (without the quotes)

Greasemonkey Userscript


Greasemonkey Userscripts turn into chrome extensions as well.


Hint on chrome: chrome does not yet support script removal or ad blocking. At the moment chrome only supports ad hiding


Using Adblock:

Add the following to the Blacklist:

CSS Selector: table[class=”connect_widget_interactive_area”]
Matching Domain: .*

I’d appreciate any hints on other chrome solutions without having to run a proxy. Thanx!

User of posterous? Because they didn’t even asked users to opt-in and made like buttons the default, you should just quit using posterous. If you can’t, here’s how to remove them:


Any hints/links for other browsers/services are highly appreciated!

Created: Mon 17 May

Text post Time to quit facebook (and other “social” networks)

Today I’ve erased all my private and identity data (memberships of formerly called fan pages and groups) from facebook. I’ve also removed the facebook “like” button from this blog. The next logic step will be to delete my facebook account (link). And you should do the same.

What’s wrong with facebook?

Nothing special. If it were not facebook it would be something else. There are two ways to operate/monetize a centralized web platform like facebook:

  1. paid accounts
  2. advertising and selling profile data/statistics

Both have major shortages:

  1. paid accounts won’t scale that much. Users aren’t willing to pay because they already pay for internet access
  2. annoys users, may violate privacy and law

Those two issues aren’t even the biggest issue with facebook. With the introduction of the latest technologies like “universal like” or “open graph api” the whole open minded web is in danger. Imaging the following: you’re logged in into facebook (or even worse: you have to be logged in to facebook to access certain sites of the web, what is already happening) and your private data and what you like on facebook is shared with third parties (like pandora or yelp). Your music preferences, what movies you liked and so on. More and more websites will use the information what you like from facebook. Every webpage is then fitted to your “likes” and preferences based on the pages you like on facebook. You won’t be able to explore stuff, it’s all waiting prepared for you. Maybe you’ll find that useful. I’m afraid thinking about it. We will lose the ability to explore the formerly open internet on our own mind. In exchange we will get a close, vendor-optimized web where we are in a bad position. All we need to do is to click the “buy now” button.

twitter isn’t in a better situation right now. The only way to monetize/pay operation costs has been to introduce “promoted tweets”. They will fail as well. Either people will leave twitter due too annoyance or smart people will find ways to filter promoted tweets (and people will find ways).

The internet is becoming all about marketing and sales. The so called “social networks” the public now knows are not “social” networks. Those are becoming “marketing” and “targeting” networks more and more every day. And we provide all the information to fill their databases on your on. By own will.

That’s the dilemma of centralized networks/platforms. The only way to pay the operating costs and earn some money is to sell out.

Smart people are already leaving facebook (like here and there) and look for new ways to create open, decentraliced or commercial alternatives.

Both open source and commercial offerings have two things in common: they bet on decentralized, open infrastructures and respect individual rights and privacy. There are indeed huge technical and operational issues to overcome before a decentralized, open source and individual rights protecting social networking will become possible. But it will. Smart people are working hard to find ways already.

facebook (and others) will fail.

Created: Sat 08 May

Text post Blackbird Pie

Here it goes, the embedded tweet from @twittermedia:

facebook is the AOL of Web2.0Tue May 04 20:49:50  via Seesmic

Created: Wed 05 May

Text post imaclurg: How to Embed a New Facebook "Like" Button on Tumblr

Facebook recently, as in a couple of hours ago, released a bit of handy functionality that allows you to install a “Like” button on any webpage. Obviously, this has some pretty cool web traffic implications considering that it acts just like a Like button on Facebook (even looks the same). Anyhow,…

Created: Sat 24 Apr

Text post Concept: Inflight twitterwall

@mpucher proudly presents the concept of the “inflight twitterwall to eliminate dead wood containing yesterdays news during flights”

Have you ever been bored by inflight “entertainment”? Or printed newspaper containing yesterdays news handed out at the gate?

Here is my answer: the inflight twitterwall (Airbus A320):

Screen mock-up of an inflight twitterwall

The possibilities would be endless:

You could even create tabbed twitterwalls with rotation setups.

Airlines could use social media to ask travelers which @twitter accounts they want to see during flights and thereby create more brand awareness in social networks.

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Text post twitter @anywhere test

Hello @mpucher

Created: Fri 23 Apr

Text post Yahoo to buy foursquare (4sq)?

The headline just showed up in my twitter stream:

Yahoo Considers Buying Foursquare For ~$100 Million

I’m not quite sure about that rumor. The founders always said they don’t wanna see something like dodgeball/google again and remain control on 4sq.

Rumor or not, I think that would have the following consequences:

Thanks to 4sq for being the first mover. First mover isn’t always an advantage. If there is a market others will follow soon, be smarter, don’t make the mistakes you make etc. Until someones new enters the block, is smarter than they….

I enjoyed using 4sq until now. It was fun and made me meet lots of interesting and nice people. But at some point I have to admit it got boring. Checkin just to get badges or being mayor was funny for quite some time but if you get nothing more than badges/myorships it’s simply boring.

I’ll quit my 4sq account pretty soon and you’ll find me on friendticker.com friendticker.com is “next-gen checkin rewards”. Rewards have been in mind when the service was created.

Created: Tue 06 Apr